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Improve Your Healthcare Team Operations


In a healthcare workforce staffing environment challenged by shortages and funding gaps, cost-effective workforce management solutions are more important than ever. MULBERIE helps clinical facilities achieve financial goals, reduce administrative complexity and increase efficiency by assisting in tasks such as strategic workforce planning, streamlining staffing management functions, recruiting staff, and automating back office processes.


Managed Healthforce

Technology and innovation have revolutionized the healthcare workforce. Mulberie leads the industry in providing fully managed workforce solutions that encompass strategy, workforce supply and demand planning, workforce scheduling and supply, performance management, learning and continuous improvement, reporting and supplier management.

Key factors impacting healthcare operational and financial performance — including quality and cost of care; safety; length of stay; readmission; and patient, physician and staff satisfaction, turnover and vacancy rates — are all unequivocally linked to staffing.   Healthcare executives are under pressure to define, secure, and ensure safe and cost-effective staffing solutions.  Mulberie’s experts will work with you to determine the best match for your healthcare workforce needs and recommend improvements and staffing considerations designed to reduce complexity and increase efficiency within your organization


Healthforce Planning

Recruitment Process Outcourcing

Recruiting talented clinicians and non-clinical professionals to fill your healthcare staffing needs is essential to your organization’s success and patient outcomes. But with healthcare reform, workforce shortages and shrinking budgets, recruiting the best candidates is challenging. Mulberie partners with you to augment your talent acquisition efforts and deliver a positive patient experience..

Healthcare providers traditionally grapple with staffing issues in the form of unfilled shifts and vacant positions, which they try to rectify using redundant staffing efforts and inefficient manual scheduling procedures. The cost of leaving a shift unfilled, or deploying the wrong combination of internal, float pool and supplemental staff can add up quickly. The concerns attached to credential and compliance issues are considerable; billing, administrative tasks and reporting eat up time better spent on patient care.  To answer these concerns, Mulberie supplier management solutions deliver time-saving, cost-effective healthcare staffing solutions that improve quality of care.

Supplier Management

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